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Eating Disorder Awareness Week!
  • February 25- March 3, 2007 - National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW)
    For more info on how to get involved with NEDAW 2007 or to find events in your area visit NEDA's, NEDAW site.

Events in Development

Events Archives: 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 

Health Fair

The office of Student Life at Occidental College will be holding a Health Fair at the University of Southern California campus.  

Wed. March 23, 2005 – 11:30am – 1:30 pm
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles CA, 90041

For more information contact Roxanne Mendez or Misty Gallando at 323-259-2918


In Full Voice - We are currently in development for this event. If you would like more information or to volunteer, please contact Sarah Mason, sarah ( @ )

Express Yourself!

Payson Road's mission has been to encourage recovery through creative expression.  There are many artistic outlets provided on the site including; editorial columns, a monthly poetry wall, an arts and entertainment resource guide, mind and body healing and many more.

In Full Voice is a creative fusion of all of these wonderful artistic mediums--a collaboration of storytellers writing about their own experiences with eating disorders, body image and self-esteem.

In Full Voice - date tba

An inspiring evening of new one-act plays focusing on the culture of disordered

In the spirit of Payson Road’s recovery through creative expression, In Full Voice, will be an evening of four one-act plays dealing with the subject of eating disorders and body image in today's culture. Professional writers will pen three of the plays. The fourth play will be selected through a contest conducted by Payson Road. A jury consisting of academics, writers, actors and directors will screen all submissions for consideration and choose a winner. Call for entries will be open to the public and will be posted on Payson Road and at several other organizations and websites.

An Evening of four one-act plays and poetry from the Payson Road Poetry Wall
Reception to follow
WHERE: Los Angeles, CA

CONTEST RULES: More details on the submission rules to follow. The plays must be relating to eating disorders - it is not necessary for the writers to have or have had an eating disorder but the subject of the play must be relating to disordered eating, body image, self-esteem.

We are also encouraging all the poets out there! In between each one-act we will read selected poems from the Payson Road poetry wall. 

This is your opportunity to WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW!!!

One of the plays will be written by Payson Road's President and professional writer, Sarah Mason, who's own struggle with Bulimia will be the focus of her one-act play. 

A cross-section of local and national press will be invited to attend and cover the event. 

One of the programs directly benefited from this event is Payson Road's new workshops for kids, ASK, Arts Speaks for Kids workshops, inspiring a child's self-esteem through the art of creative expression.


Archives 2003

  • Hip Bones and Cool Whip - March 23-April 20, Santa Monica, CA
    Rochelle Newman's one-woman play about her struggle with anorexia.  Don't miss this extraordinary experience!  more info
  • 2003 Candlelight Vigil for Eating Disorders - Saturday, April 26, 2003, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by ANAD and Voices Not Bodies.  Read the press release  2002 Vigil Highlights
  • Poster Design Contest - Voices - Not Bodies is excited to announce a poster design contest for the second annual ANAD Candlelight Vigil for Eating Disorders in Washington, DC. The grand-prize winning design will be used to advertise the vigil, which will take place April 26, 2003.  

    This contest is open to all residents of the United States. Prizes will be awarded in three age groups (12 and under, 13-17, 18 and over), plus a grand-prize for the final winning poster. 

    For more details about the poster contest, go to  
  • EDAW 2003 - Eating Disorder Awareness Week - February 23-March 2, 2003


EDAW 2003 - Eating Disorder Awareness Week, February 23-March 2, 2003

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is once again upon us.  Every year, eating disorder organizations, websites, etc. put out their best schpeel, saying, it's time to show your support...yada...yada...yada...blah...blahh...blahhh.  And we're no different here.  I read over some of my old messages about what this week means, and what we must do.  And I gotta tell ya, I'm tired of screaming to the moon!   People aren't listening.  Or, if they are, they aren't doing enough about it.  

Folks, it's not enough for us to go on websites, print out flyers and quietly do our silent part with no disruption.  It's one week!  It's one week to really shout at the moon.  But we can't do it alone because not enough people are truly hearing us. 

I'm encouraged by the increase of media attention to the subject of eating disorders.  However, the same tabloid talk show that showcased the serious nature of eating disorders, a segment later praised the stars of the new HIT ABC show, Are You Hot.  Seeing the commercials alone for this show have made me ashamed to be in show business....but that's an article for the Corner. 

Point being, there is some more focus out there in the limelight however, it's not nearly enough.  Because after March 2, it's gone.  I promise you that.  The networks have been appealed to by all of us trying to get our message heard and they're going to indulge us (forgive me), for one week.  Then it's back on our shoulders.  And I can tell you just having had shoulder surgery, mine ain't strong enough to pull it off alone.  We've got to pull out every ounce of passion we have for this cause and pour it into action.  

You know when you're at the office and come Springtime someone comes around with a spread sheet collecting names and dollars for their, bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, their kids' girl scout cookies, under privileged day campers...whatever.  You're not attached to these causes.  But you do it because you feel guilty or you want to help your friend or co-worker out.  And they have absolutely no qualms about asking.  

So why do we?  Why are we so afraid, and so guilty, when it comes to asking for help for eating disorders?

It's gotta stop.  Today, not tomorrow, not in ten years or down the line when it's a better time for people.  Right now. 

So this week, I challenged everyone to take action.  Go out and get people involved.  Make them aware of what's really going on.  Tell them to sit their ass down and take a walk over to Payson Road.  Tell them to check out one of the stories, hook them in however you gotta do it.  But do it.  

This is a war folks.  And George W. Bush ain't in charge.  Nobody is.  But us.  And it's time we started fighting for ourselves. 

Keep the faith!

Sarah Mason
President and Founder
The Payson Road Organizatio


Event Archives 2002

April 20, 2002 - Voices Not Bodies/ANAD, Candlelight Vigil in Washington DC

Pictures from the Vigil    Highlights of the Vigil 

Payson Road will be participating in this wonderful event that seeks to build Congressional consciousness about Eating Disorders.  We will have a table and will be handing out information on Eating Disorders, our services, workshops and the Payson Road Organization.  You can meet all the council members and Sarah. So stop by our table!

Event: "Voices - Not Bodies"™ will be a rally and candlelight vigil for eating disorder awareness. Plans include an afternoon section with information tables and petitions. At the evening program, we hope to have several celebrity and non-celebrity speakers and some musical entertainment. Exact plans will depend on how much money we are able to raise.
Time: Saturday, April 20, 2002, 4pm to 9pm
Place: The National Mall between 7th and 4th Streets, Washington, DC

For more info on the event, how to get there, special airline discounts and how to purchase tickets - click here.  back


Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2002 
February 24 - March 3, 2002

February 27th, 2002
Celebrating Our Innovators & Lobbying Congress

Doolittle Guest House, 506 East Capitol Street, Washington, DC
RSVP Required
Minimum $200 donation per person or $50 per student
Business Attire

Please join the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, and Action in their first annual reception and awards presentation “Celebrating our Innovators.” The awards honor three individuals in the areas of Research, Policy, and Action. 

Senator Hillary Clinton (D- NY), Recipient of Policy Award
Carre Otis, Model and Actress, Presenter of Policy Award 
Kitty Westin, Founder of the Anna Westin Foundation, Recipient of Action Award
Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN),Presenter of Action Award 
To be announced, Recipient of Research Award
Steven Hyman, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Presenter of Research Award

Highlights of the evening also include:

Emcee supermodel Kate Dillon, actress and supermodel Carre Otis, recently featured in Mode magazine and New York Times, a thought provoking slide presentation titled “Eating Disorders in a Disordered Culture” by professors Robin Lasser and Kathryn Sylva.

Tickets and posters can be purchased on-line at

For more information: 202-543-3842 or

Contributions are tax-deductible. The Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, and Action is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Lobbying Congress 

In conjunction with the fundraiser on February 27th, the Eating Disorders Coalition and Family Action Council will host a lobbing day for families, friends, survivors, and professionals. The day will start with an advocacy training and strategic planning session (so bring your creative ideas). Then we will visit Members of Congress to talk about eating disorders policy. 

The lobbying day takes place from 9am-3pm on February 27th. More information will be coming soon! 


Event Archives 2001

Eating Disorder Awareness Week  February 25-March 4, 2001. 

What is Eating Disorder Awareness Week?

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) is an opportunity to come together and bring awareness and attention to the painful world of eating disorders.  Although the plight to help end this devastating illness is a year-round cause, the week of eating disorder awareness helps to bring even more specific and direct attention to the issue. If you are suffering, or think you may be suffering from an eating disorder, help is available and we urge you to take this opportunity of EDAW and take the first step towards healing. You are worth it! If you want to help and bring attention and awareness to the cause of preventing and healing eating disorders this is the perfect time. By coming together and acknowledging our worth, and embracing ourselves fully, and reclaiming our body, mind, and spirit, we can one-day help to end the pain and suffering caused by anorexia and bulimia. - Jennifer Campbell

The Art of Healing Workshop 

March 1, 2001 - 7pm at Payson Road 

In order to educate a wider population of people about Eating Disorders, Payson Road is launching the Creative Collective, a new program set to commence during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, February 25-March 4, 2001.  The Creative Collective is a fusion of artistic mediums designed to help people struggling with eating disorders utilize creative expression to help them cope with their disease.  The Collective is split into two programs, The Art of Healing Workshops and The Payson Road Arts Camp for kids.

The Art of Healing Workshop
will kick off the Creative Collective program on March 1, 2001 in Los Angeles.  The event will include a Discussion Group, creative writing exercises, improvisational acting
exercises, mind and body work with a Kundalini yoga session and much more!

Event Hosts:
Sarah Mason is a writer with numerous credits including a&e's Biography series. She has a Master's in Film Studies and Screenwriting from Boston University and has worked with children and adults teaching film production and screenwriting for 10 years.

Co-hosting the event is LA psychotherapist and registered nurse, Susan Ricker, R.N., M.F.T. Susan brings a multitude of creativity and knowledge to this program.  Her diverse training includes Kundalini Yoga from Gurmukh of Goldenbridge Yoga - a favorite in LA.  Susan's practice is rich in the philosophies of mind body healing.

Jennifer Campbell (click onto Our Crew)  is a Boston based certified Massage Therapist and Yoga instructor. She is the director of Payson Road's Mind and Body Healing program.  Jennifer attributes her recovery from anorexia and bulimia to the power of mind body healing. Her unique blend of talents includes a background in ballet and modern dance and writing.  

Kerry Remsen is a LA based children's drama teacher and coach. Kerry's successful series of self-esteem workshops for LA Unified school district inspired the creation of the Payson Road Camp which she will co-produce with Sarah Mason.  



Event Archives 2000

October 2000 - "Frying Pan Boat" 

New York women's organization dedicated to supporting charities that empower and help women.  The event was held in New York City and proceeds were donated to Payson Road.  We would like to express our most sincere thanks to Michele Svirsky for organizing the event and all her efforts to support Payson Road. 

To Volunteer for general programs and events on Payson Road, please visit  Volunteer Programs.


Highlights from the Candlelight Vigil

On April 20, 2002, Payson Road along with several other organizations participated in the first annual Candlelight Vigil for Eating Disorders in Washington D.C., sponsored by ANAD and Voices Not Bodies.  Representing Payson Road, Sarah Mason, Jennifer Campbell, Mindy Silbergleid, Meranda Watson and Alex Gerulaitis.  

Pictures from the Vigil

Here are some of their recaps of the event.

Mindy's Recap

With no idea what to expect I boarded a plane to meet Meranda Watson, Jennifer Campbell, Sarah Mason and her husband Alex Gerulaitis to attend the first annual candle light vigil in Washington DC.  Not knowing what to expect often leaves me feeling helpless and vulnerable, even chaotic.  It is one of my “trigger” situations.  Although I’ve grown to know and love the other members of the PRC for their unconditional love and support during my own recovery process, there is a certain degree of comfort and safety in the anonymity of never meeting face to face.  Not that I’ve misrepresented myself, but there was fear that accompanied the excitement of finally meeting.  

The old and all too familiar voice of ED began moving to the forefront of my mind rather than remaining in the back where it has remained dormant.  What if I wasn’t all that the others thought or wanted me to be?  What if ED grew so loud that I couldn’t represent Payson Road as an organization or myself appropriately?  What if moving away from my routine let ED grow louder still?   

“SHUT UP!” I actually said to myself and out-loud.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t know what to expect and deviating from my fairly rigid routine is a learning experience, a step forward in itself. 

The vigil and meeting the others was an awesome experience and one that I’m grateful to have been a part of.  Working side by side with the other members of the PRC to advance eating disorder awareness, listening to the speakers, and the subsequent vigil not only helped me to realize how far I’ve truly come in my own recovery process, but it helped me to realize some future steps that I need to take.   

Two speakers in particular touched me.  An anorectic in recovery shared her story and then admitted through tears of her recent relapse.  A father spoke of the discrimination that his daughter with bulimia faced while in the ER and her subsequent death from toxemia.   

I personally identified with both speakers and found myself with tears streaming down my face.  They were tears of joy combined with tears of pain and sadness.  While I identified with and empathized with their pain, I also felt pride in myself, as it helped me realize all of the steps forward in my own recovery process.  It helped me realize that I am ready to advocate for myself more than I have concerning my own treatment.  Not happy with the clinic I’ve been attending, it is time to make some changes and move on.   

Although I still need some reality checks, my perceptions, my understanding of  myself, and what I need are more realistic than ever.  I continue to further my mind and body connection and can trust in my ability to make sound decisions.  I may doubt at times and look for external validation, but this is a natural part of the recovery process and not something to fear.   The important step to remember is that I believe in myself and my ability to continue my recovery process. 

Each day I continue to spread my wings wider, soar a bit higher, and I believe.  I believe that I will find the happiness I want and deserve and that I will achieve my dreams. 

As I stated earlier, the entire experience in DC was an awesome one.  I didn’t know what to expect from meeting the others, the vigil itself, or how it might effect me.  While nervous and scared because I couldn’t predict the outcome, this entire experience proved incredible.  Sometimes not knowing, not predicting an outcome and just letting things happen proves to be the healthiest approach to take.  It certainly was for me.  I never could have predicted all that I’ve learned from the experience.  The DC vigil not only met my expectations, but it far exceeded them. 

Jenn's Recap

My experience at the Voices not Bodies vigil was a positive one. In the midst of a rather intense protest rally and unfavorable weather conditions, I feel that we all managed to still be able to stay focused on the cause at hand and more importantly have fun.

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely being able to spend time with Sarah and my fellow Payson Road Council members. So much of our communication is mainly through email or the phone so it was a great change to actually talk in person.

As with many first time events there were some problems and difficulties regarding setup, weather, and general information. More importantly however, the intention, honesty, and heart that Voices not Bodies was created on was very present during the vigil and that, in the end, out weighed any difficulty that we experienced. The speakers all spoke with an honesty that brought tears to my eyes and it made me hopefully that the plight of preventing and healing eating disorders can be accomplished. I was so proud to be present at this event as a part of Payson Road and I see it as another example Payson Road's dedication and continuous outreach and involvement.

Looking back it was a fun and very memorable trip. And to Sarah, Mer, and Mindy, thank you! You are all Goddesses!!!!

Sarah's Recap

First of all, I'd like to thank Millie Plotkin for her tireless efforts and unconditional passion for helping people with eating disorders.  Millie organized this event through her organization, Voices Not Bodies.  And it was a great testament of her dedication that she was able to bring together so many people from great distances bound together for this common cause.  So thank you Millie!

The event was positive.  It gave many of us in the field of eating disorders the opportunity to intermingle and discuss ideas for expanding awareness.  I was grateful for that opportunity.  Many of the other organizations were familiar with Payson Road and had wonderful things to say about the work we do.  That was a lovely surprise.  It's always wonderful to receive positive feedback for your efforts.  And I'm glad to see that Payson Road's reach extends so far. 

As Jenn mentioned, like any first event, there were some planning problems.  But nothing that overshadowed the powerful message sent.  Something struck me as we were listening to the speakers.  It rained that day.  We had to hold our breath a couple times and wait for a dry spell following the afternoon presentations.  And at one point no one was sure if the evenings events would go one.  But they did.  The rain stopped right around the time the evening events were scheduled to commence.  And although it had rained steadily on and off all day and there were ominous black clouds above, the rain held back.  

To me this was an incredible sign from the universe telling us that our time had come.  Nothing was going to stop us from getting up there and using our voices to shout out a message that is long overdue.  This incredible energy and light came over me thinking about this.  It was as if the Gods were shining down upon saying, You Go Girls!  

I came out of the Vigil feeling a renewed sense of commitment to bringing about change in the way eating disorders are regarded, treated and publicized.   Any doubts I had that we weren't ready to get out there and fight the big fight, are gone.  Bring it on!  

Thank you Millie!



Pictures from the Vigil

Payson Road recently participated in the first annual Candlelight Vigil for Eating Disorders in Washington DC sponsored by ANAD and Voices Not Bodies.  The event was very successful as a catalyst for future events that are much needed to help shine the light on the seriousness of eating disorders.  Read our Recaps of the Event on the Corner this week. 

In attendance from Payson Road, Sarah Mason, Founder and President, Alexei Gerulaitis, CIO and Board Directory, Jennifer Campbell, Director, Mind&Body Program, Meranda Watson, Moderator the Friends and Family Group, Mindy Silbergleid, Moderator, Post It Section.

(from left to right) Jennifer Campbell, Meranda Watson, Mindy Silbergleid, Sarah Mason

The PR ladies in front of Capitol Hill 


Working the table with the view of the Washington Monument behind

What a night!  The vigil was a great success.



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